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The Natural Health Centre

The Natural Health Centre home page
The Natural Health Centre home page

The Natural Health Center (NHC) is a health clinic specialising in alternative health care.

NHC asked me to help them out of a situation where somebody had sold them a website without rights to the underlying content management system. This meant they could not end their hosting agreement without losing their site, nor could they back up their data.

So my task was to migrate their content onto an new hosting platform with the goal of improving SEO, presentation and content along the way. As a result this website was created. I also help NHC manage their advertising and social media campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Project Features

  • “Therapies” content type with display and menu
  • “Practitioners” content type with display
  • “Promotions” content type with display
  • Front page text and image slider (responsive)
  • Blog facility
  • Frontpage content ticker with RSS feed
  • Responsive html5 and css3 custom theme


  • Website content analysis, migration and upgrade
  • Managed hosting
  • Analytics
  • Social media marketing


NHC practitioners page
NHC practitioners page
NHC blog page
NHC blog page
NHC original home page
NHC original home page