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Workshop: The easy way to get started with Linux on your computer

Many people have been frustrated to discover that Windows 10 —Microsoft's new “Operating System as a subscription service” model, introduces more problems with loss of control, productivity, and privacy than ever.

The introduction of undesirable features such as in-built keyloggers (spyware), compromised security (NSA back doors), advertising and forced updates interrupting your workflow, all indicate now is a good time to find an alternative. Do you want advertising on your Start bar or while playing Solitaire? Well, that's where things are heading with Microsoft. Where you and your data are now treated as the commodity.

Tools should work for you and not the other way round. Linux is a free and easy alternative that works for you and does not suffer from any of these difficulties.

This course shows you how easy it is to install Linux on your computer and get up and running with open source software.

There is no risk. You do not need to alter your existing setup for evaluation, and it is easy to revert to your old setup at any time.

  • All welcome. Minimal computer experience required
  • You will need to bring your own computer

Course objectives

  1. Install Linux Mint 18 on your computer
  2. Basic introduction to the software:
    • How to customise your desktop
    • How to manage files
    • How to browse the Internet
    • How to access email
    • How to work with office documents

Minimum system requirements

  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended for comfortable usage)
  • 9GB of free disk space (20GB recommended)
  • 1024×768 resolution screen

Optional (bring if you can)

  • External USB hard drive to back up your files
  • 2GB or larger USB thumb drive for bootable OS installation disk

Course details

Session One: Installing Linux 
2 hours, 6-8pm - Thursday 20th October 

Session Two: Exploring Open Source Software 
2 hours, 6-8pm - Thursday 27th October

More sessions available on request.


$20 each person per session


iDesign, Takaka (Upstairs from the Courtyard Cafe via the stairwell out back.)